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"Inbound Delight: Enthuse your employees to become the best brand ambassadors 

Are your employees loyal but not active advocates of your company? Do you want your professionals to share information about your company and become your brand’s voice? If you fit one of these scenarios, you probably need to roll out a strategy to delight your employees. Continuing with the Inbound Talent methodology, in this ebook you will find the keys to make your workers feel proud of your organization and become true ambassadors willing to share their opinions with others.


Download the ebook

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They are corporate influencers.

Employee ambassadors empower marketing actions and are the voice of your company’s values and culture.


They defend your products / services.

Their  opinions shared in social networks, bring great credibility to the market.


They represent  your organization’s interests.

Likewise they express your organization’s values both inside and outside it; this provides greater visibility, recognition and credibility towards the company.


They raise level of engagement

They have higher motivation, which increases productivity and the quality of the company’s services.