Creating Career Paths and Identifying Talent

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The go-to ebook for any development or talent management plan in our company.

Walking you through various examples from the sports world, you will discover how to design the organizational structure of your company together with career paths and succession plans. You will also learn to identify and categorize talent according to different criteria: by career, by level of employee engagement, by employee performance and potential, and by risk of leaving.


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La pirámide de Maslow

Design career paths: Discover the basis for creating an organizational structure and career paths for your company.

5 casos prácticos sobre la revisión del talento

Design succession plans: succession planning is absolutely necessary to forestall the unexpected and missed opportunities.

¿Está tu compañía preparada para llevar a cabo este proceso?

Identify talent: understand the information you need for identifying talent and find out where you can get it.

La tecnología puede ayudarte

Categorize talent: talent can be categorized by various criteria. Find out what these are and learn to classify talent.