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"Inbound Conversion: 6 steps for newcomers to become high performers"

Did you know that 17% of new hires are lost to the organization during their first three months? A good Inbound Conversion strategy helps us take on two key issues: to improve employee motivation and retention right from the start as well as to develop employee potential for high performance so they contribute to the organization far sooner. By implementing such a plan, the organization will become more efficient, better motivated and more cohesive. Do you want to improve newcomer retention?



Discover in this ebook


What is Inbound Conversion?

Discover in this ebook: What is Inbound Conversion? This phase is based on the groundwork laid down in the previous Inbound Recruiting phase for aligning the new employee’s and the organization’s needs to reduce this high rate of leaving over these first few months.


What do I have to do?

When does the Convert phase start? How long will it last? What impressions do we want the employee to have of us? We will discuss these and other questions you must raise before starting your Inbound Conversion plan.


How do I do this?

Discover the 6 steps for rolling out an Inbound Conversion strategy, starting from the strategic onboarding process through to the continuous performance assessment processes to detecting employee potential.


Was I successful?

Find out the key indicators for this method, such as the time to maximum employee productivity or the impact on employee engagement, among others.